Friday, December 12, 2014

Quick Takes #166: Snapshot of Life

or rather hosted at This Aint the Lyceum!

  1. Caite is now 23 months and so talkative, continuing to mimic much of what she hears. The "I do it" have also shown up as she definitely moving into toddlerhood.  Starting to give thought what to do for her 2nd birthday otherwise I know coming right after the New Year it will get lost in the post-holiday fatigue. Anyone ever heard of a Birthday/Epiphany cake?
  2. Lisbeth had her Christmas concert last night and in many other ways is proving to be a great helper this Advent season: house decorating, official postal stamp placer.  
  3. Liam has been struggling with staying in his bed all night I think in part because he gets cold and in part he comes looking for Daddy who has been missing some tuck-ins between being on call and traveling.  
  4. Advent is going well with us remembering to light the Advent wreath and open a calendar window most nights; and the kids enjoy doubling up on the chocolates on the days after when we forget.
  5. Please read this post from Passionate Perseverance and join the prayer community this family during this very fragile time.
  6. This weekend is the final big push to clean and empty the old house ~ such a tremendous mix of hard to let go and so ready to be done.
  7. Favorite feast coming up: Happy Gaudete Sunday Everyone!
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