Friday, December 19, 2014

Quick Takes #167

  1. The days continue to be cray-cray around here but happily major accomplishments this week. Stockings hung, tree bought and decorated; and with a bit of luck the last of the cards going out this weekend. Then the great wrapping begins!!
  2. Caitlin's mimicking has reach another great milestone as earlier this week while driving I heard her little voice tell me "Knock, knock!!"
  3. Last Sunday we were able to attend a Memorial Mass marking the tenth anniversary  of the passing of wonderful priest who was chaplain at Penn Newman during some of our time there and presided at our wedding.  Not just a U. Penn but throughout his priest life Father Chuck had focused on young adults.  It was so amazing to speak with others at the reception and hear time and again the great good that is done by meeting such a wonderful priest early in their faith journey as adults.
  4. Today is my brother's birthday and since he is currently between addresses I'm just going to wish him a Happy Birthday on as many social media options as I have.  Happy Birthday Big Brother!!!
  5. One other 'tradition' I'm hoping to achieve this year is getting the kids and myself out to Longwood Gardens for A Longwood Christmas. If the weather holds this evening may be the time. If so ~ expect Instagram proof!
  6. Just can't seem to let this little ole blog die; least not yet. Not sure what the New Year will bring but for the moment even as infrequently as it has become posting here is still something I feel drawn to.
  7. Happy Weekend all!!

My brother on one of his 3!! thru-hikes of the Appalachian Trail

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