Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 in 12 snaps!

1) January and someone is one!

2) February and lots of snow!!

3) March and someone is 6!!

4) Happy Easter!!

 5) Teaparties were held in May

6) In June we moved into our new house

7) In August we went to the beach

8) In September Lisbeth became a first grader!

9) Also Liam turned 4!!

10) Happy Halloween!!

11) We traveled to MA to remember and give thanks for my father-in-law and all those who serve.

12) Ending the year giving thanks for a warm, happy home to begin the new year in!

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13 in 2013


  1. I used to tell my kids about the gigantic snow piles we played in when we were kids after the church behind our house plowed the parking lot. We grew up in the snow belt, so it happened quite often. Last winter was the first time my kids actually saw for themselves what real snow is. One of the few positives of that Polar Vortex. Looks like your kids enjoyed them, too!
    Your fireplace certainly looks inviting!

  2. Great photos, and I'm about to invite myself over to sit by that fire!

  3. I esp. love that last pict, Joy- such a cozy home! And the tea parties look so cute. Hopefully 2015 won't have so much snow!