Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Photo Dump: Williamsburg

   So back in December we misplaced the download cable for the camera and for some unknown reason my phone stopped talking to the Cloud and so this here blog has been sadly lacking in pictures.

This past weekend my better half somehow got the phone to talk to the computer and so Pictures!!
Please pardon me as I play a bit of catch-up:

  First up some pictures documenting a wonderful day Charlie and I got to spend in Williamsburg when my mom treated us to some couple time away while we were down celebrating Christmas with my family.
Governor's Mansion

 College of William & Mary

 Many of the homes and shops were decorated for Christmas as they would have been during a Colonial Christmas when Williamsburg was still the capital city.

 Capital building with a glimpse of a period tour guide.

After a wonderful dinner we got to enjoy seeing all the homes and shops lit up.
And one more view of the Governor's Mansion before we left.

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  1. Great photos! And how neat to see Williamsburg all decorated for Christmas. I went there when I was maybe 6 but barely remember it and have always wanted to go back. :)