Friday, March 20, 2015

Quick Takes #176

  1. Happy First Day of Spring!! We actually have snow in the forecast for today but it did warm up enough a couple days this week to get me excited. I made the concious decision last fall to not plant any bulbs and just see what came up in the spring. Regretting that a bit now as there are no crocuses poking their way out in my yard and that is by far one of my favorite signs of spring.
  2. Feast Days; Unfortunately my oldest was sick yesterday so we kept things low key for the St Joseph's Solemnity focusing largely on giving thanks for the fathers in our lives and especially the one we live with.  Saint Patrick's Day included a yummy dinner cooked by Dr Daddy and dancing to some Irish faves.
  3. Newest update on my formerly picky eater; being offered fish sticks last Friday declared them Delicious!! Tater Tots got a 'meh' so clearly I still have worked to do, but progress!!
  4. Shout-out to our lovely host and her wonderful post this week sharing some of her best tips for dealing with writer's block.
  5. And Caitlin fell victim to the GI bug last night. Silver lining; nothing sweeter than watching a toddler go from a whimpering mess to happy cherub by simply getting cleaned up. Once we had her in clean pjs she snuggled in close and proceeded to start her favorite game of asking where everyone in the family is at the moment.
  6. Two prayer requests: firstly that neither of the grown-ups get it; it is a busy weekend of presenting at Pre-Cana and hospital duty for Dr Daddy and soloing on the homefront for me.  Best if we could avoid the bug.
  7. Secondly for the couples we are presenting to; this will be Part II of the program and Part I was filled with quite a bit of blank stares that give the impression that those attending are just marking off the time till they have met this requirement. If you would pray that Divine Spirit would open their hearts a bit and that we presenters are able to plant some seeds which will in time bear fruit as to the beauty of the Church's teaching on marriage. Thanks!!
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  1. Important prayer intentions; will be praying!

  2. Praying that you all stay healthy and that the couples in your group will be receptive. You never know what might happen one day with the seeds you are planting.