Friday, April 10, 2015

Quick Takes #177: Easter Recap

  1. Triduum went very well given the current ages of the littles; Dr Daddy successfully sang at all the services he was suppose to and I got to participate a good amount and involve the kids as well.
  2. Holy Thursday; he sang at two Masses and once he got home I went to Adoration at two churches; next year I will aim for more if I again don't attend Mass.
  3. Good Friday; he again sang at two services with us all attending the first where the kids did reasonably and Lisbeth pleasantly surprised me by choosing to venerate the Cross by herself. We then stayed and shared a meal with Dr Daddy and the rest of his choir mates.  I then headed home to get the littles to bed while the choir prepared for the second service. 
  4. Holy Saturday was mostly spent preparing for the celebrations: dying eggs, grocery shopping and cleaning. We have for the last several years hosted any choir members who wanted to come for Easter Dinner.  I was sorry to miss the Easter Vigil but this was just one of those years where we didn't have good childcare options. According to Charlie and other choir members all went very well.
  5. EASTER was lovely with the fun of baskets in the morning, going to Mass all together and celebrating with friends and family that evening!
  6. Luckily the Easter Break extended into Easter Monday as the kids were up late enjoying the party and so slept in the next morning. Re-entry has been a bit rough as the weather has been lousy but yesterday included being a Mystery Reader for Lisbeth's class and today is Yellow Day at Liam's school.
  7. Pictures:

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  1. So glad you all had a great Easter- your kids look adorable in their Easter outfits! And that's wonderful your family made it to Holy Thursday + Good Friday; it gives me hope when I see families like yours that we'll be able to make it some year soon. :)