Friday, April 24, 2015

Quick Takes #179: Birthday Tribute

  1. We spent last weekend in Richmond celebrating my Mom's birthday.  It was great to get together with family and friends to celebrate her; especially nice was the fact that her sister was able to come over from Belgium for the party.
  2. One of the things I most admire most about her is her strong personal faith.  I rarely found growing up in an interfaith home difficult because of the respect my parents showed each others beliefs but I also know that maintaining her faith practices in the face of an older, occasionally cynical spouse must have taken a great deal of inner strength of which I am so grateful. I realize that many people have found their to the Church as adults but am still very glad that I have known it all my life.
  3. My mother is Belgian and carries herself with a lot of European elegance but is also one of the hardest working people I know, thinking nothing of working up to three jobs to cover the bills when my Dad changed careers.  
  4. Both my parents loved the ocean and were great readers so my love of these things likely came from both. I enjoy very much exchanging book recommendations and reviews with her; and the times when life allows us to enjoy the ocean together are some of my favorite memories.
  5. She has taught me the great goodness in taking the time to enjoy friend and family's company over a piece of chocolate and some wine or whatever is available. Remembering to not rush away from the family table is a life lesson I hope to pass on to my children.
  6. She loves her grandchildren very much and makes an effort to play an active role in their lives; even those who live many states away.
  7. Wrapping up this all family ~ all the time post: A shout-out to my middle sister who spent the beginning of the week in St Louis being celebrated for being exceptional by her company at corporate headquarters!! And a shout-out to my youngest sister who earlier this week published her tenth book!!

My phone is currently resisting being downloaded so enjoy this picture from 2010 with 
6 of 8 grands pictured.

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