Friday, April 17, 2015

Quick Takes #178: States of Being

Was recently talking to someone about different states we had visited and was reminded that I have lived in 7 states so for a change of pace this week is a bit of biography by way of travelogue.

  1. Massachusetts: I was born in Providence, RI but came home to Massachusetts since while my parents met and married in Rhode Island they bought their first home in MA. We moved when I  was 2 so my memories of the state are of visiting family and friends and later my husband's family and friends since as life would have it as I would most summers be visiting in eastern Mass he was spending his summers on his grandparent's farm in western Mass.
  2. Rhode Island: When I was two we moved back and I do remember our house and living there.  I remember our street and neighborhood, going to the zoo in Roger William Park, and Galilee Beach.But since we moved south when I was four, again most of my memories in RI are when visiting others while on vacation.  Plus one especially poignant memories; off its coast in Galilee Cove is where we scattered my father's ashes.
  3. Maryland: We  lived for four years, for me ages 5-9,  where we were living when I started Kindergarten, learned to ride a bike, went to my first sleep-over.  Maryland is also the state that in a You Got Mail sense my sisters and I would wave to as we walked or biked on the George Washington Parkway across the Potomac.
  4. Virginia: Held the record for where I had lived the longest until just recently and is still where my mom and sisters live and so a state (or rather commonwealth) I return to often.  I lived there from 9-18, where I came home to during the college years, and then lived again while I went to graduate school at Georgetown. It is also the setting of one of my most favorite shows The Waltons.
  5. Pennsylvania: I first moved to Pennsylvania to attend college of the Univ. of Pennsylvania and then returned six years after graduation when my then fiancee (now husband) accepted a fellowship at the local children's hospital.  Despite living here for 18 years on and off there is still much I want to visit and explore ~ Gettysburg and Pittsburg to name two.
  6. Connecticut: Given that so many of my firsts happened in New England; first breath, first steps, etc, it was somehow appropriate I returned after college for my first grown-up job, first apartment and other 'I'm now a grown-up events'.
  7. Texas: While I only lived there a little under two years Texas will always hold a special place for me as it is the time and place where after 4 years of dating long-distance Charlie and I were able to see each other on a regular basis and make the decision to get married. That time is also significant for amazing food and great friends I cherish still today.
Funny aside: There are four commonwealths in the U.S. and huge parts of my life have been spent in three of them and ironically I've never step foot in the fourth.  Bonus points to anyone who can name it!!

Now please head over to Kelly's for more 7QT's.


  1. Totally can't name the fourth Commonwealth :P But that is funny that you've spent so much time in commonwealths!

  2. Love this idea, Joy! And what a range of states to have lived in! I went to school near Pittsburg but it's such a big city and I wish I could've seen more of it. And I can't name the 4th either...definitely intrigued!

  3. I don't think I've been in any of the commonwealths! But I can tell you that the 4th is Kentucky. Because I just now looked it up.