Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 3: Little Women

Knew this one had to be near the top of my hit parade. Little Women (1933) was my introduction to the story, Hepburn and old movies. It has been a long, happy love on my part.

This version holds fair to the book and the performances are wonderful from the four girls (Hepburn plays Jo) to Marmee, to the Grandfather, to Prof. Bhaer.  It is sweet, kind, funny and very touching ~ just like the story it is depicting.  All of the actresses have to mature their characters but Joan Bennett has the biggest challenge and does a wonderful job maturing Amy from a vain young girl to a mature young woman.

What was your first favorite old movie?
Was it also a book made to movie?

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  1. I love Little Women and haven't seen this version- definitely one I need to view!