Friday, February 5, 2016

Quick Takes #201: Hallo February!

  1. The sickies have come to visit; mostly with Liam who got the persistent sore throat ~ spiking the occasional fevers version, while Lisbeth the persistent cough version. So far Caitlin is doing well as are the grown-ups.  Hoping for better things next week.
  2. Candlemas was subdued but nice. We went out with friends for crepes on Sunday since Lisbeth had a school function on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday she helped me put the window candles away.
  3. Catholic School week has been fun if a bit crazed as they are at two different schools this year ~ each having different activities all week. But the kids had fun and hopefully felt like their schools got celebrated.
  4. I don't often do politics here but please go read this and this!!
  5. Our play dough somehow disappeared in the move and I have been NO RUSH to replace it but sadly 18 months later Play dough is again in the house ~ and I am again picking up tiny scraps and explaining that if they don't put it away it will dry out!!!!
  6. As of today Caitlin is registered for Preschool and Liam is registered for Kindergarten!! Lisbeth had a great kindergarten teacher and year; really praying history repeats itself for Liam.
  7. Planning mostly a recovery weekend; Lisbeth has a Presidents Project to work on and we have friends coming over for the Superbowl.  Have a good one!!
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  1. Hope everyone's healthy soon and that you have a good time at your Super Bowl party!