Friday, February 26, 2016

Quick Takes #203

  1. Life is crazy fun right now; the kids are growing and changing. And it is one of those rare moments when while I would love to freeze them right now (well maybe once Caitie is potty trained) I am also really enjoying the ride and watching them discover new things and meet new challenges.
  2. The very cold weather and the fact that she is showing no interest what-so-ever has halted my plan to get Caitie out of diapers. Will keep offering and see if the idea takes hold soon. Suggestions welcome.
  3.  If you are not a Downton fan feel free to skip this one. I'm loving this season; from Gwen's visit to Mosley's new career. This past week's episode resolved so much but also left me so curious about Edith's future, Tom's and Isobel's that I was annoyed that the finale is not until March 6th. But now I'm glad that there is a little more time until there is no more Downton.
  4. Lisbeth's school has a 40 book challenge ~ last year she completed it at the end of May and that took a lot of nudging and cajoling. Currently she has read 37 books and has agreed to a challenge from us to go for 50!! What a difference a year makes!  As someone who LOVES to read I can't fully express how happy I am to see her discover the fun of reading.
  5. Liam is actually asking about learning to read. We are starting slow but I have big plans for the summer!! We started with BOB books with Lisbeth and will likely do the same with him ~ but am very open to ideas if anyone has found something they love for working with a laid-back but surprisingly stubborn little boy.
  6. Pennsylvania always seems to like to throw winter weather at us randomly through March but I can't help but start to watch for signs of Spring as February winds down and March begins.
  7. Weekend plans include a couple big projects ~ fingers crossed!
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  1. Ooh, I feel the same way about winter here- even with signs of spring popping up I know there's still a chance we could possible have more snow or cold days ahead (once I remember it snowed in the beginning of April!).
    And we're potty training Audrey right now, so far it's much easier than it was with Evie! But I really think Evie wasn't ready when we started and then it felt like all of a sudden she got the hang of it when she was finally ready. Solidarity! :)