Saturday, October 8, 2016

October Weekly 2: Finnegan Begin Again

Linking up with Bobbi of Revolution of Love for weekly writing this October. I had a blast with Write31 last year and am enjoying reading along with those participating this year but knew I didn't have it in me but did want to challenge myself this month so weekly it is.

 Guess what is for breakfast today? French Toast!

 Guess what I meant to have for breakfast last Saturday in honor of the feast day of St Therese of Lisieux and forgot? French toast.

 Guess who planned to pray a rosary (or part of one) with her kids yesterday on the feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary? Me. Which as you are likely figuring out by now did not happen.  I did talk about it with the kids and about how in October we celebrate the wonderful gift of the rosary.  Elisabeth suggested Halloween as a way to finish the month. Liam suggested the 30th and asked if we call that day Halloween Eve; (which I found funny since Halloween means All Hallows Eve ~ does an Eve get it own Eve?).

Hopefully we will not wait till the very end of the month to try again for a family rosary.  And the lesson of the day I will focus on as I enjoy my French Toast, telling anyone who asks that Saint Therese was born in France, is that things don't always come together on the perfect day and what is important is that we finnegan Begin again!

Please head over to Bobbi for more weekly writings.


  1. Good for you, Joy! And so true- things don't always come together on the perfect day. That's pretty much been my life lately. :)

  2. Frankly, I think "things don't always come together..." is our motto as moms! We have to learn to roll with the punches, even those of our own making. Luckily God is eager to strengthen, forgive and give the grace we need to start again. I certainly need it! Thx for linking up! :-)

  3. You are correct - the important thing is to "begin again," when things don't come together! And, since this month is the Month of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, you have all month to try a family Rosary - you will be one step ahead of us. I am just trying to get a self-daily recitation going again. And, struggling with it!

    Great post!