Friday, May 1, 2009

Quick Takes vol #12

  1. It's May!  I love May, my birthday, Mother's Day, Mary's month!  When I was younger if the Lily of the Valley had bloomed in time I would find a sprig in my plate at breakfast.  
  2. I coordinate Eucharistic Ministers for parish and have to send out an email with the new swine flu precautions, no chalice, hand washing before and after.  
  3. My heart goes out to the family that lost their two year old to this flu, hopefully all these precautions across the country can keep the death toll down.
  4. E. is learning parts of the body, mostly the face.  We stopped trying to teach her eyes for the moment..she kept poking herself in the eye
  5. Need to get back to meal planning, twice this week I got home from the store to find that I had forgotten one thing
  6. Third post this week, I think that is a record!
  7. Plans for the weekend, time together as a family.  Yay, Daddy's not on call!!

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