Friday, May 29, 2009

Quick Takes vol #16

  1. Tonight I am attending the graduation ceremony for the school where I teach.  I am so excited the see the students again (I only teach fall semester) and celebrate with them as they achieve this remarkable goal and begin their nursing career.
  2. My nursing education has been the springboard to many wonderful & different jobs, I have worked as a floor nurse, visiting nurse, nurse-midwife, lactation support, childbirth educator, staff education, telephonic nursing and currently as a clinical instructor.
  3. As Elisabeth becomes more steady, she is also becoming more adventurous.  Walking up to random people at the playground and saying "Hi"
  4. Having not yet learned about personal space, she stood gazing expectantly at an older child ( I think she was hoping to hold hands crossing a somewhat wobbly bridge) until that child called out to her father "She keeps looking at me!"  
  5. Signed up this week for a water class with E.  Our summer vacations center around the ocean and pools again this year so I wanted to start to introduce her to being a body of water bigger than a bathtub. Plus it just sounds like fun!
  6. Car-trips always seem to be wonderful talking opportunities for DH and me.  Chatting about current events we also seem to reconnect, resolve minor injuries and sort out priorities going forward.
  7. Weekend plans: working on some home improvement projects and enjoying the visit of friends.
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  1. The water classes sound wonderful! And I really like #6!

  2. Love your daughter's name! I have an Elisabeth, too (two if you count my older daughter's middle name). The water class should be a lot of fun.