Friday, May 15, 2009

Quick Takes vol #14

  1. Had a nice mother's day, but am looking forward to the time when E. realizes and can join in on the celebrating.
  2. Have started referring to myself in the third person in the hopes of interjecting a few 'mama''s among the many 'daddy's.  I actually love what a Daddy's girl she is but how about throwing a girl a bone sometimes.
  3. In an attempt to improve ab tone have been trying to do sit-ups throughout the day.  E finds this very funny and thinks it is an invitation to jump on me.  So I end up working upper body strength instead.
  4. Better weather has meant more time outside, praise!
  5. Approaching birthday, no anxiety!  Made my peace with being in my mid-thirties last year.  This year I just get to party!
  6. First airplane ride for E. this weekend.  Hopefully she will view as an adventure and come to enjoy travel as much as her parents do.
  7. Plans for the weekend: Partying with family and friends, and giving thanks for the promise of a new year.
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  1. Your weekend sounds fun! Good job doing sit ups, I don't know how old E is, but if you hold him above your head, push him up like a chest press WHILE trying to do a sit up, its a great workout!! Try it! :)

  2. Owen is the same way when I do pilates. He thinks I'm a play structure, apparently. I hope the flight goes great this weekend...have fun! And happy birthday!!

  3. I hope your birthday is WONDERFUL. You deserve it!!! I love working out with little ones joining in - HA!!! Makes for more burned calories in a fun way!

    I'm glad it was such a great week....makes me smile for you! God Bless!!