Friday, May 22, 2009

Quick Takes vol #15

Have been struggling again with the 'blues' and feeling as if I don't have anything to say, so please allow as I count some blessings.

  1. Wonderful trip last weekend, E. did really well on the plane.  The flight was not full in either direction so we were able to spread out over three seats which also helped with the wiggles I imagine. 
  2. We have a niece who is a little more than a week younger than E. and this visit was our first glimpse of what watching them play together may be like.  Obviously at fourteen months they don't so much play together as acknowledge one another and try and grab away the toy.
  3. I love the ocean and so really appreciate my MIL arranging our routes throughout the weekend to include ocean views.
  4. Acquired traits are generally assigned to one parent or the other.  Hard to tell where my great appreciation for lobster comes from, both my parents encouraged the habit and now luckily my husband (and his family) indulge me too.
  5. E.'s birthday present to me: Finally saying "mama"
  6. Mass was lovely yesterday, E. was content to stay in the pew, the homily was interesting and music was wonderful.  Okay I grant my thing for one of the guitarist might make me a little biased.
  7. Have been invited to attend the wedding this weekend of one of the couples we worked with in Pre-Cana.   I feel so blessed for the chance to work with couples making plans for their marriage and life together, to then be invited to witness and celebrate with them as they make their vows is pure grace.
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  1. Joy, I'm so sorry you're feeling blue. I suppose I can relate, at the moment. You're in my prayers. ...I'm so glad you had a nice trip; and what a lovely gift in E's "Mama"! :)