Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekly Goals

Joining the challenge in week 2, I am grateful for the community and encouragement to hopefully get off this latest plateau.  I am 7 pounds and countless crunches away from my goal body.  So this week I will:

  1.  Limit myself to one soda a day in the evening and drink water throughout the day
  2. 100 crunchs or some variety a day done in three 30-35x sets
  3. 3 30 minutes walks including hills (good tip Samantha)

And lastly, love, cuddle, and chase the best reason for a body altering experience around


  1. 100 crunches a day?! Whoo Hoo! I should do that.... oh, so hard! Let me know if you get six pack abs:)

  2. Have not managed everyday but breaking the 100 into 3 separate sets spread out throughout the day is doable.