Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Honest Scrap Blogger Award

  • Thank you very much to Karen of http://kareninmommyland.blogspot.com/for this wonderful award.  I love reading her blog, she shares her faith and adventures in parenting with a wonderful mix of humor and wisdom.  Plus she provides reassurance for the chosen spelling of my daughter's name.
In order to keep the award I must do the following:
  1. Say thank you the the presenter (which I do) and link her blog
  2. Reveal 10 honest things about myself
  3. Presesnt this blog award to 4 others whose blogs are brillant in content and/or design and encourage me
10 things about me
  1. Born in Rhode Island, and very loyal despite not living there since I was four
  2. Child of an interfaith marriage, I am proudly Catholic and appreciative of the tolerance I learned in the Unitarian Church
  3. Did not learn to swim till I was ten because...
  4. Had ear tubes placed 4x between the age of 5 and 10
  5. Favorite show is The Waltons
  6. Could happily drink a coffee milkshake everyday
  7. Believes the best chocolate comes from Belgium
  8. Am also (see Karen's post) a recovering pack rat.
  9. Can still do a cartwheel
  10. Loves to sing along to the radio, and wishes she did not have such an awful voice.
I proudly (and happily) nominate
  1. Mindy of http://sweetsmallstuff.blogspot.com/ who inspires and encourages me daily to live and parent with greater compassion and integrity
  2. Molly of  http://www.momma-molly.com/is another first time mom of a daughter whose site I go to learn and share
  3. Jen of  www.conversiondiary.com who shares her faith journey as she raises her little ones with grace and a big dollop of Texas charm
  4. Kate of www.katewicker.com/ who writes with such honesty and compassion, even when I disagree with her I'm glad of the chance to read her views.
Honorable Mention: Karen already nominated Rosey of  http://roseyoutlookdose.blogspot.com/  so I won't double dip, but I completely agree.


  1. It seems we have a quite a few things in common. I also can still do a cartwheel, although I prefer to do round-offs. I'm also the product of an interfaith marriage.

  2. Hmmmm. My Belgian choice is Mary's Chocolates. I was blessed twice with one pound boxes from a nice man at daily Mass . . . I paid for them, of course, because it does not come cheap. NIce bit of heaven for my taste buds! I, too, had ear tubes (five times between age 5 and 15). I still can't hear that well. Oh, well.

    God bless!