Friday, July 10, 2009

Quick Takes vol #21: Places I want to visit

  1. Ireland: Even before I met my husband and heard the stories and saw the pictures of his visit I had wanted to see The Green Isle.  Someday we will travel there and ...
  2. Belgium: Where I have been several times visiting family members but want to very much show my husband and children the sights and introduce them to members of my family (related and not) who have meant so much to me despite the distance.
  3. Williamsburg, VA: For some reason despite living in VA since I was 9 I have never been.  I'm interested in history and came to be the designated tour guide of the family when any visitors wanted to go to nearby Mount Vernon or into Washington D.C.
  4. Italy (especially Rome): My parents, and more recently my MIL have been and rave of the wonderful mix of vitality and reverence for history and heritage.
  5. Cavendish Farm, PEI: While I have been to Prince Edward's Island on my honeymoon ( and loved it) we married in the winter and the farm was closed to visitors.   Anne of Green Gables remains a beloved favorite of mine and so to see where L.M. Montgomery grew up and the inspiration for those wonderful books is firmly on my to do list.
  6. Kentucky: Within the U.S. there are four commonwealths, I have lived most of my life in three, coming home from hospital to live in Massachusetts, moving to Virginia when I was almost ten and living there until I left for college (my mom and sisters still live in VA) in Pennsylvania where I met and (years later) married my husband and which is where I currently live.  I figure I should at a minimum visit the fourth.
  7. Great Barrier Reef, Australia: My husband introduced me to snorkeling a couple years ago and while I realize that there are many amazing spots in this hemisphere to snorkel if you are going to dream, dream big!
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