Friday, July 24, 2009

Quick Takes vol #23

  1. Enjoyed celebrating Jour de Belgie this week.  July is always fun in my family, good food and pride of heritage on July 4th and the 21st!  Elisabeth enjoyed sharing the frites, maybe next year she will try a mussel.
  2. Charlie was away on a business trip this week and while we certainly missed him, am happy to report that all went smoothly.  And enjoyed the brief return to the phone conversations of  early infatuation which ends with the tug-of-love regarding who is hanging up first.
  3. If Elisabeth's calm welcome did not quite convey to Daddy how much he was missed, this morning when she followed him everywhere and pitched a fit when he went out of sight definitely did.
  4. Playground antics increase as slides and merry-go-rounds are added to the list of musts.  Her willingness to walk up to kids much bigger and strike up a conversation (granted in her own language) continues to surprise me.
  5. Sesame Street is now a regular part of my day (again).  And I'm having a blast getting to know new friends like Zoe and Elmo, and getting back in sync with Big Bird and Grover
  6. If anyone has tips to ward off the pickiness of the second year please pass them on because I'm loving sharing my eggplant, mushrooms, and avocado with her.  Though by far the best is the faces she makes after drink seltzer out of Charlie's glass...And then coming back for more!!
  7. Looking forward to a visit from a good friend this weekend as we kick back and catch-up!
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  1. Oh! Those tug-of-love phone disconnections!