Thursday, July 2, 2009

Small Successes: July 2nd

  1. I wrapped and mailed baby gifts to two friends with new little darlings within two weeks of the babies being born.
  2. After a slightly frustrating battle with a plateau have it my goal weight!  Not at all sure how long it will last but will enjoy while is does.
  3. Attempted and successfully completed a 2-3 hrs road trip with overnight stay with daughter in a non-baby friendly home.  (The family=very friendly, the decor and hours kept by the resident teenagers=less so).  
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Today I am thankful for:
afternoons spent at the playground in the summer sun
tear free swim classes as my little one learns to enjoy the water
time spent with family and friends celebrating graduations and birthdays
ice cream on a warm summer evening


  1. I lovd reading boosted my day, especially with your thankful list. It really felt like a nice hug :) Congrats on your goal weight. I'm at about 20 lbs lost and it feels fantastic, but it can creep up so easily! I hope it lasts for you and I :) God Bless you!!!

  2. Congratulations! Taking a little one anywhere not baby-friendly can be challenging. And how exciting to be at your goal weight!!! Congrats!