Friday, August 14, 2009

Quick Takes vol #25

  1. Home again after a wonderful week at my MIL in Maine.  There is a definite advantage to going to the same place time and again.  The place can act as a yard stick to measure against.  As I watched Elisabeth devour her own hot dog and ice cream at a favorite local spot I remembered the infant I introduced to cereal last year, and as I watched Charlie teach her to jump waves (or more accurately stomp them) I wondered what amazing skills will she have acquired by the time our next vacation rolls around.
  2. Unfortunately his schedule demanded that Charlie leap right back in to long hours and busy days.  Luckily E. is doing well at bedtime with just me (usually their special time) and I see the benefit in keeping in practice the ability to be close and reconnect in a few minutes.  To communicate love and support for the day in a sleepy smile and quiet touch.
  3. My work is about to begin again with the fall semester starting and this year my usual excitement/anxiousness about new students, new curriculm and preparing lesson plans also includes questions about transitioning E. to daycare.  It is the same place she was last fall but a new room.  Do I pack a lunch, or is food provided?  Do all the kids nap at the same time, and should I start adapting E.'s schedule now?   We are going to drop-off stuff next week.  Hopefully I will come away with some answers, and a bit more excitement.
  4. Saw Slumdog Millionaire while on vacation.  While I did not completely understand what all the hype was about, I did appreciate the plot question of how the answers in life come to us.  
  5. One of Elisabeth's newly acquired words is "Amen" and it gives a certain charm to Mass to watch her stop whatever she is doing and echo whenever she hears it said.  It is also her response when I say "Bless you" after a sneeze.  I almost wished she sneezed more often.
  6. Perfect memory: Sharing lobster rolls while sitting on the seawall watching E. waved "Hi" to every seagull that flew by.  My heart took a picture.
  7. Plans for the weekend: Continue to put the house back in order while enjoying family time.
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  1. "My heart took a picture" - What a great line!

    I enjoyed Slumdog for the same reason. It was an interesting movie idea. Some parts were a bit graphic for me, but I still appreciated it.

  2. #4 There were things I liked about the movie, but I too didn't quite understand all the hype.

    #5 That is adorable. Isn't it wonderful to hear little ones begin praying!

  3. What a great list!!! I love how beautifully you captured your yearly vacation at your MIL's as a yardstick. So deep! I so appreciate you!

    So, we saw Slumdog last night. I LOVED it. I thought the hype was all about the content...the class struggle, the issues in India, the struggle, the pain, the love made me feel so blessed in my own life and made me want to complain less. I thought it was GREAT movie making (which I think was part of the hype..the way it was done, how a "foreign indy film" could break into mainstream, etc.

    I had heard before watching that the movie's popularity helped the youngest actors of the film. Apparently, they were still living in the slums, and now the world's focus on the movie makers made them start trust funds for them to take care of them. WOW - thank God!

    Thanks for sharing a great list! Much love!!