Thursday, August 6, 2009

Small Successes:August 6th

  1. Managed on our trip north to have dinner with an aunt, uncle and cousins of mine.  Scheduled worked and the members of my little family were open to the detour and delay in arriving at our ultimate vacation spot.  Important to me because with my dad gone, his brother is my closest link to him for Elisabeth.  
  2. The yummy peaches picked last week were turned into an equally delicious cobbler.
  3. We have been to the beach twice (including some preliminary wave jumping) and the pool once.  
Today I am so thankful:
             for sunny days and cool evenings
             the opportunity to watch toddlers discover the ocean
             fun times in the pool with family
             "Scoop Deck"
             delicious meals prepared together

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Joy! I'm sorry it has been a while since I posted....SUMMER!! And I missed posting on last week's successes. I'll have to go reread those!

    I loved your lists, and you make me thankful for so much! Thanks for spreading the joy around today ;) Much love!