Thursday, August 20, 2009

Small Successes:August 20th

  1. Submitted my second review for the Catholic company.
  2. Completed a continuing education module for my certification
Which nearly completes what I had hoped to get done before the semester begun and I resume my teaching responsibilities.
    3.Mantained goal weight for a month which included a vacation, and hot humid weather which does not inspire one to exercise.

Today I am so thankful: 
for friends who listen, respond and motivate
central A/C 
that Charlie's two weeks of working round-the-clock are nearly over
ice coffee
that I am loved and forgiven and welcome at my Heavenly Father's feet
new words spoken with glee from E.

Have a blessed day and remember to celebrate that good that is you.


  1. One can never be too thankful for central A/C!

  2. You were a winner in the Coffee Graphic Design giveaway! E-mail me and we can get started!

  3. Nice work! Off to read your review.

  4. I'm sorry I'm late reading this. It's been one of those "sick kid" weeks. Thanks for uplifting me with your wonderful words and glimpse into your special family! Blessings!