Friday, August 21, 2009

Quick Takes vol #26

  1. A tough week is ending on an upswing, looking forward to a lovely dinner with my 'little sister and hearing all about her high school orientation
  2. Today I am taking Elisabeth visit her daycare to drop off stuff and spend some time in her room,  and meet her teacher in the hopes of making Monday's drop-off smoother.  She is very social and generally has great fun at play-dates but the unknown is how she will separate from me.
  3. The extreme humidity has greatly reduced our playground time but early morning walks seem to be filling the void okay.  She wants to be outside but does not complain about coming back after 10-15 minutes.
  4. The vocabulary continues to grow and grow: current new phrases 'der it is',  'all done'  and a meow sound for cats, and moo for cows.
  5. Good news: new french doors are in and can be installed.  Bad (or frustrating) news: my semester starts next week so scheduling installation just got so much more complicated.
  6. With my return to teaching comes I hope a return to meal planning.  I think if I can be diligent about this on the weekends our stress level during the week will be much better.
  7. Plans for the weekend: Enjoying C. being off service and getting ready for the start of the semester.
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  1. I agree- meal planning is a lifesaver. I have an occasional week here and there when I don't plan. Those screw me over and I get cranky!!