Friday, August 28, 2009

Quick Takes vol #27

  1. The first week of the semester went reasonably well.  Charlie said Elisabeth was very sad to see him go at yesterdays drop-off.  Hopefully she will quickly adjust to the idea that yes we are leaving for the day, but we will always come back.  
  2. Additionally at only two days a week I'm also hoping that they come to mean 'playing with other kids days' rather than no mommy.  Oh well, a girl can dream.
  3. The first day with students went very well with a couple getting to see a delivery and another student largely getting over her fear of newborns.  I actually really admire her attitude, she asked to be assigned to the nursery first because that was the aspect of Maternity which frightened her most and she wanted to face her fear right away.  Not always my approach but certainly a laudable one.
  4. Getting new patio doors today.  We have been in our house five years, and have been doing a lot of home projects this summer.  Making me wonder if this is the norm: you do the critical stuff when you first move then you live in the house for a few years and decide what else really needs doing.  Not counting of course the things that fall-over on their own accord and not according to your schedule.
  5. R.I.P Edward Kennedy and Eunice Kennedy Shriver, may God grant you lasting peace and grant comfort to those left behind.  Having volunteered at Special Olympics and had family in MA my whole life my thoughts and feelings are still a jumble and may become a coherent post later.  Two things I believe in: the forgiveness of sins and living your life so as to give back with the gifts given to you are good things.
  6. New phrase this week: 'Yes, pees'.  New favorite show: 'Fifi and the Flowertots', personally I'd  rather watch 'Top Chef' but know how to share the remote.
  7. Yummy Shepard's Pie this week, planning a chili for next: Thank heavens for leftovers!
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  1. So glad you're teaching your girl all about "peas and tanks!"

  2. It's so true about taking care of the big stuff in a house right away and planning for the 'falling-over' stuff later. My problem is that I start to not even *notice* the things that have yet to be accomplished. Ah, complacence.

    Amen on leftovers, A-MEN!