Friday, January 15, 2010

Quick Takes Vol #43

  1. Whatever I did to my back last weekend seems to be getting better day by day for which I am so grateful. This experience has been a wonderful lesson in empathy for those who have to live with chronic pain.
  2. The backpain has also been a great lesson in creativity as I still have a little one who wants to be carried, danced and played with.
  3. Prayers for the people of Haiti, luckily the relief efforts seems to be coming together quickly. Please help wherever and however you can.
  4. New phrase of the week thanks to the rocket she received this Christmas; "We've got lift-off"
  5. After the craziness of all the holiday travel and business of the semester starting up; I was glad to get back to cooking this week (with more plans for the weekend)
  6. Plans for the weekend: Finish clearing the last of the Christmas decoration and getting the boxes back into the shed. Resting and relaxing as the new few weekends are already booked up.
  7. (Small cheat) My thanks as always to Jen of Conversion Diary for hosting this weekly meme and continuing to host a site which never fails to be thoughtful, prayerful and funny.


  1. Gratitude is never a small cheat. I enjoyed your list.

  2. glad your back is feeling better my daughter hurt her knee and trouble taking care of her 17 month old as well so you all could comfort each other