Thursday, January 7, 2010

Small Successes:Happy Epiphany!

  1. Took Elisabeth for her first haircut
  2. The student recommendations I needed to complete during the break are done and ready to be mailed out.
  3. Have started a new journal for the new year
I know, I know definitely celebrating the small this week, but after tackling two long car trips over Christmas and New Years a low key week was just right.

Giving thanks today and always for:
my friend and husband for love that always supports and surprises me
the great pleasure of watching my daughter and her cousins change and grow
friends, old and new, found and rediscovered
God's assurance of love perfect and constant

Share your own successses at Faith and Family Live


  1. I think you might have forgotten to link at Faith and Family? I love your successes! First haircuts are kind of sad, so they are hard to do. And I hear you on road trips throwing everything off! It takes weeks to recover.

  2. I love the haircut! I saw the pic! And it IS a great list, after being so busy. I'm the same way. I'm even relaxing today!!!

    Much love! Sorry I've been away so long. I lurk, I promise!!! God Bless!

  3. In my experience, taking a kid for a haircut is no small success, it's quite large! ;-)