Friday, January 1, 2010

Quick Takes Vol #42: Honest Scrap

Thank you very much to "Young Mom" of Musings of a young mom for nominating me for this award.
In order to keep the award I must do the following:
  1. Say thank you to the presenter (which I do) and link her blog
  2. Reveal 7 honest things about myself
  3. Present this blog award to 7 others whose blogs are brillant in content and/or design and encourage me
7 things about me
  1. Born in Rhode Island, and very loyal despite not living there since I was four
  2. Child of an interfaith marriage, I am proudly Catholic and appreciative of the tolerance I learned in the Unitarian Church
  3. Favorite show is The Waltons
  4. Could happily drink a coffee milkshake everyday
  5. Believes the best chocolate comes from Belgium.
  6. Can still do a cartwheel
  7. Loves to sing along to the radio, and wishes she did not have such an awful voice.
I proudly (and happily) nominate


  1. I love singing to the radio too! It was fun learning a little bit about you.

  2. This is so great! Thanks for the award. I think I just had a other one of these and forgot with my preggo brain! I thank you (and Young Mom) HERE and pray I can do this post soon. Ya'll are so sweet!

    Love reading about you! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Waltons! :)