Thursday, January 28, 2010

Small Successes: January 28th

  1. Laundry is caught up and very nearly all folded and put away
  2. Went to a family party this past weekend leaving E. home with her dad overnight and did not stress, obsess, or call home twenty times to check in.
  3. Made good progress in returning to meal planning this week.

In gratitude offering thanks today for:
a husband who helps with the middle of the night wake-up calls
a toddler who fills my days with smiles and snuggles
a home warm and secure
visit from friends far and near
second, third and twentith chance with God, above

Please visit Faith and Family Live celebrating today, a year of honoring the small successes in all of our lives.


  1. Congratulations on all your success!

    I still cannot leave any or all of my kids and not stress, obsess and call often. Good for you!

    Congrats on working on planning your meals. I'm working on getting there. Not close enough yet for me to call it a success. In time.

  2. Ah meal planning... I'm off the bandwagon myself lately and have been scrambling to find meals to make (strange that when they're planned they're no problem, but when they're not planned I have a total memory lapse of everything I've ever cooked). Thanks for encouraging me to get back to it!! Sounds like a great week :).

  3. Good job on laundry! I'm still trying to catch up on mine. :)

  4. Love this list. I'm glad I have a laundry buddy! Yippee for all you got done.

    Love your thankful list. Hubbies are great, especially in the night. To have one who helps is a great blessing.

    Love your perspective on life. Thanks for blessing me with it today!