Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pregnant Pause: 19 weeks

With Chelsea's of Roots and Rings permission I am borrowing her wonderful post title and updating on how things are going and growing.

Currently 19 weeks and am feeling good, the queasiness is well past and the heartburn is not too bad yet ~ I did have a 'lovely' night earlier this week (no more tomato soup before going to bed). While I am not consistently feeling wiggles, I am fairly sure now that it is 'cashew'* moving around as oppose to ligament twinging.
Our mid-pregnancy anatomy scan is later this week which raises the question regarding finding out the baby's gender (if the baby is interesting in sharing). We are leaning to not finding out. We did not find early while carrying Elisabeth and that moment of Charlie telling me at her birth is very precious to me. Our nursery which we will be reusing is gender neutral as is most of our newborn clothes.
However some friends and family are complaining that the makes planning very difficult and that waiting is unfair and unrealistic. Is it??

*Because we did not know if Elisabeth was a girl or a boy, during the pregnancy we referred to her as Peanut and this baby is Cashew*


  1. No. No, no, no, no, no. Ye gods!

    Unfair? Bzzt. Justice does not demand the revelation of one's baby's gender prior to birth last I checked. And unrealistic? Because not knowing a baby's sex makes planning more difficult? Planning what, exactly? Other than a betrothal designed to cement a peace treaty between nations at the close of a century of war, I can't think of a thing one couldn't as easily plan/purchase/give after the baby's birth as before.

    Sorry for ranting, but I find this attitude ... well, not exactly incomprehensible -- some people probably do like to give gender-specific presents at baby showers -- but rudely entitled. It's your baby. You're in charge. End of story. Silly relatives and friends butt out. Argh!

  2. Unfair? To WHOM?

    Unrealistic? How, exactly?

    Piffle. Like NEB says, it's YOUR cashew.