Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pregnant Pause: 20 weeks

Yikes! Twenty weeks, how did that happen? It is a little startling to find myself at the halfway point of this pregnancy. Don't get me wrong I am very grateful for a smooth gestations that does not have me counting the days, yet it means milestones sneak up on me.
Continue to feel good with a baby bump which is beginning to become more and more evident depending on what I'm wearing ~ which is more and more an interesting mix of my 'fat' clothes and maternity stuff. Bumps and nudges are now daily occurrences, with the next milestone being when it can be felt from the outside. Several people have asked me what Elisabeth thinks of the coming baby, at this point she has no idea but I'm thinking that as my lap disappears and kicks can be felt she may start to wonder what is happening. C. has suggested that we get some "new big sister" books. Any suggestions??
The ultrasound this week went well, with Cashew growing well and all of the anatomy appearing normal. Much to the frustration of some family and friends the baby did not 'flash' us so exactly what flavor he or she is remains a mystery. I'm grateful that for a little while longer I get to imagine another little girl is joining our family or maybe a baby boy. Fun possibilities to imagine and wonder about.

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  1. Hey, Joy! I saw this list of books for new big siblings, and thought of you:

    Have a good week/weekend!