Friday, April 16, 2010

Quick Takes Vol #48:Catching Up!

As it has been a few weeks, with your indulgence allow me to catch-up on the events of the past few weeks.

  1. Easter was wonderful, beautiful liturgies and time spent with friends. My husband and his friends performing "Roll Away the Stone" is to bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart.
  2. Have been enjoying the warmer weather with some playground time, and its been amusing to see the difference a couple months makes in E. dexterity and courage; slides she nervously attempt in the fall she now rushes to.
  3. Enjoyed a wonderful visit with my aunt and uncle visiting from Belgium, including a trip to Washington which while it pushed my french vocabulary to its limit was a great day of lovely weather and sharing of experiences.
  4. Last weekend Elisabeth also participated in her first big egg hunt, and did very well ~ largely because she happily picked up eggs and showed them off, ignoring her bigger cousins rushing past her.
  5. Am still trying to wrap my brain around the idea that I'm nearly to the half-way point of this pregnancy ~ but I am, and will this weekend be pulling out the bin containing the soft panel pants, for while my regular tops are still fine I'm done trying to make my 'fat' jeans last all day as I bend and play on the floor with an active toddler.
  6. Mid-term ultrasound coming up next week, will we? won't we? should we? shouldn't we? Stay tune!!
  7. Plans for the weekend: cleaning up and kicking back
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