Friday, July 30, 2010

Quick Takes Vol. #58: NFP posts edition

  1. Around here it has been a week of quality of mother-daughter time as 'Daddy' has been working very long hours and often not getting home till long after bedtime. Shopping, Storytime at the library, and lots of playing at her water table.
  2. However across the country this was NFP Awareness Week with the theme of Trust: God has a plan for your marriage. Bloggers across the sphere have responded with wonderful posts both humorous and heartfelt.
  3. Maggie of From the Heart writes beautifully of the trust aspects of NFP
  4. Sarah of Fumbling towards Grace shares some of health-promoting aspects of NFP
  5. Elizabeth of That Married Couple points out how the skills gained through NFP can provided aid towards achieving a pregnancy.
  6. While Elizabeth's husband and Rebecca of Feel My Love share some of the humorous side, here and here.
  7. Due to commitments at home and the increasing fatigue of late pregnancy this could have felt like a very isolating time but thanks to these and other wonderful people sharing of their lives and faith journey, even from my little corner of the world I have felt part of this great movement. Thank you!!
Please visit Conversion Diary and read the rest of this weeks round-up hosted by Jen.


  1. It's been interesting to read people's NFP posts this week. I guess my contribution was a bit "offsides" as I shared an interview I got to do with Kimberly Hahn on overparenting as it relates to NFP.

    I have great sympathy @ the end of pregnancy. I'm truly dreading the fourth pregnancy, even though I really want the fourth baby!

  2. I know what you mean about "increasing fatigue"!

  3. Took a quick look at the links you cited for humor -- cute. =)

    God may choose to mock me mercilessly for this, but I feel I have to say, for all the naysayers who doubt that this works: I actually feel like it would be HARD for us to have an..(cough)..accident precisely because WE KNOW TOO MUCH. =P