Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday Wondering: What's for dinner?

From Maggie of From the Heart's lead, I offer a Wednesday Wondering:

What do you make for dinner when your brother is visiting and he has essentially walked here from Georgia on his way to Maine? When asked what he wanted he said "Ice Cream", so clearly that is on the menu but I think I should probably offer something else in addition.



  1. Hm, things he can't eat on the trail or at a cheap place along it! Maybe lasagna or some sort of baked meal that you had growing up? And the ice cream is a good one!

  2. How about waffles topped with ice cream? That's a fun summertime dinner.

  3. Hmmm... maybe BBQ? Or pot roast with veggies! Or spaghetti with bread! Can you tell I am always hungry? :-)

  4. It's pretty cool your brother is hiking the AT. I second elizabeth. Something that he probably can't get along the lasagna or something baked. :)