Thursday, July 22, 2010

Small Successes: July 22nd

  1. Got the yearly inspection for the car done.
  2. Replaced E.'s little pool after the original one developed a leak this weekend.
  3. Have a baby book purchased for the new baby.

Giving thanks this Thursday for:
a hard-working spouse who gives of himself so generously to those he cares for
air conditioning
hugs and snuggles from my favorite toddler
continue good health during this pregnancy
good friends to share life's adventure with
God's great love and abundant grace.

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  1. Great successes. I'm sure Elisabeth is thrilled to have a new pool--especially in this hot weather.

  2. Good job! Little things like the inspection are much harder when you have a child and are pregnant. It's great that you got all this done!

  3. You've done so much while pregnant. I'm VERY impressed!!! I was much better passing things off on my husband. I'm so impressed!

  4. Great successes! Congratulations!

  5. And now, the pools are probably on sale! We go through about 1 a year with three small ones!
    Prayers for a continued healthy pregnancy.

  6. Your successes are great -- your "giving thanks" list is inspired!

  7. Great list of successes! I want a new pool too! LOL!