Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: September 21st

1. What’s the one thing you always do when you’re stressed?
Chant 'okay' to myself under my breath over and over

2. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done for a friend?
Went to a very bizarre musical!!

3. What cleaning supply could you not live without?
Clorox (or similar) wipes

4. How long do you plan on living where you currently reside?
Another 2-3 years

5. Do you usually vote straight party, a mixture, or not at all?

6. What’s something that you love to do, but seem to never make time for?

7. What’s your favorite store to buy things for other people?

8. What’s the weather like around you today?
Sunny and low 70's

9. What’s the worst book you’ve ever bought and read?
Love in the time of Cholera

10. What’s the closest thing to you that is yellow?
My favorite toddler's sunglasses

Please visit Roots and Rings hosted by Jansen's mom for the other's take of this week's questions


  1. Clorox wipes are great for any mess. They definitely make cleaning so easy :)

  2. I love Clorox wipes too! I get antsy when we run out!

  3. Dare I EVEN ASK if #2 is referring to "Batboy"? :)

  4. Love Clorox wipes! How else would you even clean? :)

  5. #7... Great place! I didn't think of that!
    And yeah for Clorox wipes!

  6. I think I remember that musical, too ...

  7. Re#9 -- worst book ever. I didn't buy it though, just read it in college. "It tastes like window." seriously? That's classic literature?