Friday, November 5, 2010

Quick Takes Vol. #65

  1. Successful Trick or Treating ~ Lisbeth went to about ten houses, said her lines very well and would explain when asked that she was a monkey like George. Liam tolerated his costume for about 30 minutes ~ so some pictures exist.
  2. Went to Adoration again this week for the first time in a long while ~ Wonderful!!
  3. This was an 'on service' week for C. which meant very long hours and missing bedtime. The effects showing last night as Lisbeth explained sadly that she was snuggling her family ( a word she recently acquired ~ very cute) but someone was missing. I guess I need to explain better where he is and that the weekend is coming.
  4. Baptism plans in the works ~ yay! Both our families live a good distance away so finding a date was a little tricky.
  5. Further complicated the discussion ~ the mass we usually participate at is a 5 pm. Ultimately we decided that we wanted to celebrate with our church family too, and are hoping to not cause too many issues with traveling family.
  6. Have been thinking about 'patron' saints, did you choose your children's based on their names, birthdate or something else?
  7. Weekend plans: Catching up on house stuff and enjoying family time!
Please visit Conversion Diary hosted by Jen for the rest of this weeks round-up!


  1. Hope that your husband gets a little more down time soon, busy weeks are the worst. Thats awesome that your family will come out for the baptism!

  2. Your daughter sounds so cute! My boys get the same way when my hubby has to work a lot of evenings.

  3. When Johanna and I were writing the litany of saints for Kian's baptism, we included practical things such as the patron saint of adoption and a few others, such as the patron saint of baseball. I'm not sure that this helps in actually picking a patron saint, but I thought it was fun.