Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wondering Wednesday: Patron Saints

Inspired by Maggie of From the Heart ~ what I'm wondering about today:

All of the details for Liam's baptism are coming together ~ date, time, godparents and reception ideas. Observing All Saints on Monday has me thinking about patron possibilities for him and no one really jumps out for me. His middle names are Charles Pierre, and he was born on the feast of St John of Chrysostom so many options but no faves ~ any suggestions?

BTW he certainly could have more than one. For Elisabeth, I was torn between St Elisabeth of Hungary and Saint Elizabeth Anne Seton ~ finally deciding to seek prayer from both these mom saints for my little girl. Bit of irony ~ we live in D.r.e.x.e.l Hill and she was born on the feast of St Katherine


  1. Have you considered Blessed Charles de Foucauld? He's a recent beatification, so he might be flying under the radar, but he's got a great story. And I suppose I should also put in a good word for St. Peter Chrysologus, the golden-worded, and his lovely sermons.

  2. You live in Philly??? I grew up in Scranton and my family still lives there. Please tell me sometime when I come out to visit, we can get together with Elizabeth for a blog ladies with their babies meet up? :)

  3. I have no suggestions for a Patron St. . . . I do like St John Chrysostom, though. We are pretty traditional with our boys names and have stuck to biblical names and the Feast Day on which they were born for Patron Saint names.

  4. We didn't formally choose a patron in particular, and I'd never actually realized we were (?) supposed to before hearing Newman folks talk about it back in the day.

    I had always figured that between a first name with Catholic or Christian or Biblical reference, and a confirmation name...we were covered. So maybe I'm the wrong person to ask....

    We named James for my grandfather; the fact that a James hung out with Jesus worked for us, too. And soon after he was born, Liz gave us an icon of James the Son of Thunder, which works for me. =)