Friday, June 3, 2011

Quick Takes 81

1. Goodbye May, and thanks for all the great memories!

2.Was finally able to replace our patio table last weekend Given that the chairs were still in good shape, we opted to get an umbrella for the table. Lunchtime al fresco showed up twice this week.

3. The sprinkler and water table have also been brought out from their winter hibernation in the hopes they will enjoy another summer with us.

4.Extreme Weather continues: Our Prayers for those effected by the tornadoes in Springfield and western Massachusetts

5. Finally catching up on some movies saw The Kings Speech last week, really enjoyed it!! If you too have not yet had the chance ~ put it on your to do list.

6. Have signed Lisbeth for swimming lessons including learning about water safety, we have 2 beach vacations planned both of which include pool times, hoping this will make for a better time for her and her parents.

7. Happy June ~ Hope it treats you well.

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  1. I love summer! And I need to hijack The Man's Blockbuster Queue and move 'The Kings Speech' to the top, thanks for the reminder.

    Happy June!