Friday, June 10, 2011

Quick Takes 82

1. Late post because this morning saw our house again under siege as we saw finally the end of the repairs to our family room following the hailstorm LAST June. Incidentally there was a hailstorm last night: No Damage!

2. Splash fest: Joint baths are starting to show up as Liam is much more stable sitting-up ~ and I'm think I'm going to start wearing a raincoat (or a bathing suit) ~ but such fun to watch!

3. The current heat wave made it very apparent that summer if not already here is soon to be and so making use of the childcare at our local Y, I have begun working out again. The kids and I are still working out the kinks but bathing suit season here we come.

4. Plants have been planted ~ hopefully vegetables are growing. Having successfully grown tomatoes in a container last year, this year we are progressing to planting in the ground.

5. Favorite moment of the week: While sitting outside Lisbeth's gymnastic class came to realize that Liam was playing peek-a-boo with me. He was lifting a cloth over his face, then dropping it and grinning at me.

6. Graduation season is upon us, friends are completing their degrees, neighbors & second cousins have finished high school ~ Best wishes to them and all in the Class of 2011.

7. Contemplating a road trip this weekend. Whatever yours brings you ~ have a good one.

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  1. Peek-a-boo and bathtime sounds adorable!

  2. It always feels so good to get back into the workout routine... Since it's getting back to the point that it's bathing suit time, can I just say that I'm so glad they sell shorts now as part of 2-pieces? It's SO much better than glorified underwear (though I always used to have on one piece). Now I have the shorts with almost a tank top; still limited coverage, but better than before!

  3. awww...the peek a boo sounds SO sweet! And, thank you for the comment today! I've been MIA, so it was nice to come reread your blog! thanks for the gardening advice.

    Much love!!!