Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The pleasure of stolen moments

With the nap situation improving, in that both the little people I share my days with often consenting to nap at the same time, and with the addition of a nice table & umbrella under which to enjoy a sunny summer afternoon ~ I have again on a daily basis gleefully got my nose in a book or two (well actually 3).

I love reading and it is my norm to have several books going; at the moment

Fiction-wise: Persuasion by Jane Austen ~ an Austen I've never read and had my curiousity peaked by how it was described in the film The Jane Austen Book Club

Non-fiction wise: We Two by Gillian Gill ~ a telling of the courtship and marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of England

Spiritual wise: Parenting with Grace by Gregory & Lisa Popcak ~ a Catholic parenting guide that I'm reading inspired by Sarah of Fumbling toward Grace's post about vocation.

Any suggestions for what should come next?

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