Friday, June 24, 2011

Quick Takes #83

1 Congratulations to Jen and her husband on the birth of their new daughter!

2. Discreet nursing is made difficult when your nursling wants to play peek-a-boo with the cover.

3. Style icon: I have been thinking about this idea since reading about the concept on our host site and here ~ perhaps Mary Tyler Moore as Laura Petrie ~ nice tops, capri and cute shoes.

4. However given that I am living outside of Philadelphia, raising kids ~ and am of that uncertain age ~ perhaps Mel Harris as Hope would be the better fit. I just don't think of the fashions of that show as iconic.

5. Letter writing sessions with Lisbeth continue with much silliness, but as she spontaneously started writing 'H' this week, maybe some learning is happening.

6. Favorite summer moment of the week ~ sitting on the front step sharing a popsicle. Not sure who enjoyed more the happy toddler or the teething baby!

7. Weekend plans ~ family time, grass cutting and perhaps some strawberry picking.

Please head over to Betty Beguiles for the rest of this weeks round-up


  1. The popsicle sharing sounds lovely. I love summer.

  2. Man, I love popsicles! Also, I liked MTM as Laura Petrie more than when she was the MTM show. The late 60's styles are so weird to me! :)

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. I hear ya on the nursing peek-a-boo! Babies can be sooooo sweet like that--but I'd still rather they not play that game at, oh, Panera!

    I love the concept of a style icon, but I can never decide on one. Laura Petrie's look is pretty fashionable these days, but I don't know anything about Mel Harris to compare.

  4. James and I never got the hang of the cover thing. =/

    Don't know about fashion, but I always secretly coveted Hope's hair.

  5. Strawberry picking! Wow, you sstill have them? Ours have been finished for weeks already. Nicholas still goes down around back trying to find berries to eat straight out of the patch, but alas, none to be found. :)

    I loathe nursing covers. We had problems with #1 wanting to use them, b/c I never made him, and so we said #2 would learn out of the box. Only she had Down's, so nursing=repeated latching=not easy to use a cover. So I decided the world needs to get over it. LOL