Friday, November 16, 2012

5 minute friday: Stay

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   Our first experience with summer camp this year, a morning program hosted at a local playground, involved a delicate waiting game as she would me to please stay as she got her bearings, scoped who was there, got her feet down; and then I was free to go.  Which was fine because her younger brother, too young for camp, was not going to let me bring him to a playground and not let him play a bit.  
  There will be many more of these in our lives together as we sort out how long she needs me to stay, how long its good for me to stay, when I should stay in her (their) face, and when I'm over staying my welcome.  


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  1. Love this.
    As daughters ourselves, we know the dance they will do throughout their life. Stay, protect me. Go, let me be free. Until the end ... when we finally say the right words. Stay, I love you so.
    Thanks for this. So glad I moved in next door at FMF.

  2. It is crazy how quickly our children grow up isn't it? I'm just starting the journey of motherhood with my beautiful daughter. It's constantly a process of learning what she needs, figuring out her developing personality, and how to be my best for her!

    I'd love to have you stop by my blog! I'm just a few posts away from you in the FMF!