Friday, November 30, 2012

5 minute friday: Wonder

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        The due date for this coming baby is New Years; I wonder which month will prove to be his/her birth month, which year?  I wonder what kind of Christmas I will make for my other littles; currently feeling good but I know at some point the energy level will take a hit.  I also know that this time and place is so full of wonder and children if given just the smallest of nudges can find amazement and wonder everywhere.  I wonder who this little person is, and if a boy what we should name him.  Wonder and amazement at the wonderful things about to happen most of the time, anxiety only happens a night a little, praise God.


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  1. Oh, the wonders of waiting for a baby! Congrats! And happy holidays :)

  2. Congratulations! What an exciting time for all! Seeing this time of wonder and amazement amazing even you! Who says the hit on the energy level is one of depletion? There is only ONE POWER: GOD=GOOD alone.
    Anything other than this is but an appearance. What if this hit on the energy level completes-not depletes you? What if you are totally immersed in your Oneness with God? Imagine the awe & wonder in that & imagine how this glorifies Him! {Perhaps two him's}

  3. I can empathize! I was due New Year's eve last year. All worked out wonderfully! In fact, I was much more prepared at this time last year than I am this year. I just didn't realize it then.