Friday, November 2, 2012

Quick Takes #118

  1. Sandy: We weathered the storm well, never lost power and sustained no damage to the house.  By the 2nd day cabin fever was definitely starting to show-up but compared to others ~ no complaints! The trees in our backyard had a tougher time, with four ultimately not able to withstand the wind and rain.

With two trees down

With four trees down
2. Seriously, thoughts and prayers to all for whom the clean-up will be much more extensive and difficult.
3. Seeking to be somewhat practical when Lisbeth was tiny I choice gender neutral options for Halloween costumes, pumpkin, bumble bee, monkey ~ despite this year being her choice; the trend continues as she chose to be a Rocket! LOL!
4. Halloween trick or treating went well (despite the lack of smiles in the picture) with older one leading the way and speaking for the group, but happily returning home to hand out candy when the younger one was done in.

5.  Happy November! Am excited to see what the month brings: Election Day, another peek at Baby #3, and one of my favorite holidays Thanksgiving.  What does November means to you?
6. Am enjoying the Read the Catechism, daily emails of a portion of the catechism over a year hosted by Flocknote.  I'm also about a week behind in reading them, will hopefully catch-up this weekend.
7. This weekend the clean-up for us starts in earnest along with some quality family time as Daddy has been away all week.  Have a good one!

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  1. Joy! I am so sorry that you all have all those trees down. I hope the clean up is fast and not too expensive. What a blessing that yall never lost power though.

    I love those costumes. The rocket ship is especially hilarious. Have a great weekend:)

  2. I'm glad the storm treated you okay, even if you're trees are not so lucky!

  3. I absolutely love that she's a rocket.