Friday, November 23, 2012

Quick Takes #119 ~ Life and links

  1. Thanksgiving: Have really enjoyed participating in 30 days of gratitude on Facebook.  And learning all about the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving from the Pre-K perspective.
  2. Recently I've had the chance to read two wonderful posts on the question of choosing to stay home with small children despite having advance degrees; this is a question I find to be a work in progress in my life and so appreciate the input of others in the trenches: Elizabeth of That Married Couple and Lisa Jo of tales from a gypsy momma.
  3. Preparations for Baby #3 continue at a leisurely pace; have pulled out the tote with newborn clothes but have yet to wash the clothes,  have looked a few infant car seat options on the web but still need to buy one ~ And the cradle, yup still full of random clothes and blankets.  I guess Advent preparations will include a few additional things this year.
  4. This time around was the first time our announcement of a coming baby was greeted occasionally with something other than rejoicing by some friends and family.  Kinda wish this post by Erika had been around earlier.
  5. Liam has become interested in drawing specific pictures of late (as oppose to simply scribbling) and the favorite picture of the moment is of lassos for his use as Cowboy Liam!
  6. Favorite video of the week; one of those songs I keep coming back to during tough weeks.

7. Thanks to a lot of elbow grease and a small chainsaw we've been able to begin to return our backyard to some semblance of order, and availability for playing in.

Before (showing storm damage)
After chainsaw action
After (cuttings waiting for disposal)
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  1. It's so sad to me when people do not rejoice over new babies. I don't care what "number" they are, each child is such a precious gift!

  2. Thanks for introducing me to these two new blogs..great women!

    Cant wait for baby#3!!!