Friday, April 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes #130

  1. Baby Joseph is home!  As a former NICU mom I know how good it is to have your baby finally home with you.  Despite its delayed start I want to wish our lovely host and her family a wonderful baby moon.
  2. Don't know what to write about the bombing in Boston except it makes my heart hurt. I haven't lived there in many, many years but Patriots Day or Marathon Monday as it has come to be called has been a part of my life forever.  Ages ago my dad worked in an office across the way from the starting line of the marathon.  
  3. Easing the heartache of course are all the amazing signs of support and solidarity from MLB teams and other organizations across the country.  
  4. Have been a loyal reader (showed withdrawal symptoms when she went on vacation earlier this month) of Camp Patton for some time now and while my three are 5 & under I found wisdom and encouragement in her latest 3 under 3 post.
  5. Lisbeth's school had a carnival themed extended day yesterday and while the older two were enjoying their 'pj party', Caitlin and I headed to an amazing garden a short drive away. Unfortunately the day decided to be grey and rainy, but as I mentioned earlier this week tulips are a great favorite of mine; not to mentioned the chance to wander a garden without chasing a toddler.

  6. Liam's small vocabulary and love of cuddling often has me thinking of him as perhaps younger than he is; he has recently started dressing himself in the morning; and listening to my instructions to Lisbeth, he is now better about putting his dessert bowl in the sink than she is.  Which makes me wonder what else might he be ready for but lack the language to tell me? potty training? riding a tricycle? 
  7. Have wonderful weekend! We are hoping for some good weather to plant some seeds for a vegetable garden.
Now please head over and visit Grace's Camp Patton pinch-hitting for Jen this week for the rest of this week's Quick Takes


  1. More tulips! So beautiful! I just cut a bunch of ours in preparation for torrential downpours and my house smells absolutely lovely because of them :)