Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Five Favorites: vol 2

Linking up Hallie of Moxie Wife for another addition of Five Favorites.

In honor of my mom's birthday which is today ~ 5 Belgian inspire faves

1. Tulips ~ usually associated with Holland but grow in abundance throughout Belgium as well.  Love all the possible colors, the elegance and beauty of the blossoms, and the slight but not overpowering scent.

2. Cote D'or: Belgium has some of the most amazing chocolate shops and if ever there please visit, savor and enjoy ~ and then before coming home go to a local supermarket and pick up some of these for yourself, and maybe me.

3. Stella Artois ~ My favorite Belgian beer, unless I'm in the mood for a white (or wheat) beer in which  case...

3.5 Hoegaarden Blanc is my favorite Belgian beer

4. Mussels: One of the quintessential Belgian meals is Moule Frites or Mussels with french fries, delicious anytime of the year though technically you are only suppose to eat mussels if there is a 'R' in the month.

5. Beach: The North Sea is very cold much of the year (as is the Atlantic of the New England coast) but my mom has passed on her love of walks on the beach to me, as I hopefully am to my littles.

Disclaimer: Taken on Prince Edward's Island on my honeymoon.


  1. Duval- my most favorite Belgium beer everrrrrr. I'll have to give the Hoegarden Blanc a try, though.

  2. My sister lives in Switzerland, and as a result we are IN LOVE with Swiss chocolate. Being the chocolate lover that I am, I will just have to see if Belgian chocolate can give it a run for it's money!! Stella is a favorite summer beer around here. Nice to find your blog....it's lovely!! :)

  3. I love tulips so so SO much!!! I was so excited when they started popping up in our yard - what an awesome spring surprise!