Friday, April 5, 2013

Quick Takes: #129

  1. Happy Easter! By long tradition any member of the Triduum choir my husband sings with who wants to is invited to our house for Easter dinner ( down in the fine print of The Corporal  Acts of Mercy is feeding the weary musician I'm sure); this year we had about 20 and hopefully a good time was had by all.
  2. Sending out many good thoughts and prayers to our wonderful hostess Jen as she undergoes her clots  capture procedure!!
  3. 3pm is the middle of nap time around here so Good Friday services were going to be a challenge; happily I found Way of the Cross led by the Pope, grateful not only to have found this link and therefore to able to participate in some manner last Friday but also for not having to endure the isolation faced in the past by pioneers and currently by missionaries throughout the world
  4. Also sending good thoughts and baby soon prayers to Hallie Lord of Moxie Wife & including the link to a review I did a couple weeks ago of a wonderful book written by her husband.
  5. Currently according to Lisbeth 'a dozen' is a huge number; as in "A hundred, a thousand, a dozen". I'm resisting the urge to ask her if we should get a dozen donuts to see if her head explodes.
  6. Lisbeth has been enjoying all the jelly beans around, Liam is following in his dad's footsteps and munching malted milk eggs anytime my back is turned ~ this leaves the peanut butter eggs for me.  Isn't it amazing how life works out sometimes!
  7. Easter Friday ~ Eat Meat!!
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  1. #5- Has me laughing! HARD!!

    #7- Happy Easter! I get texts from the USCCB to fast a pray each Friday for something specific and lastnight I was so happy to read "just praying this Friday. It's Easter!"

    #6- I have to hide my fav. candy or else it would be gone!! Cadbury Mini Eggs (not the ones filled with creme)

  2. Lisbeth makes me laugh--I think you should totally see if her head explodes. :)

    We had a choir member years ago who used to host Thanksgiving for all the choir members who weren't spending it with family. We hadn't broken out of the mold at that time, so we never did it. But it's such a good thing; choirs are community, and communities uplift each others' faith, so kudos to you guys! I can't imagine.

  3. I think you guys have a great candy system. I would eat all of the milky ways and my sister would eat all the reeses.